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E-Readers for Circulation

Soon, you will be able to check out an e-reader from Grande Prairie Library.  We are currently developing policy to make this possible, but the library will have 3 Kindles, 2 Nooks, 2 Sony Readers, and 2 Pandigital Novels.


Stay tuned for updates!


Overdrive Media-On-Demand

Grande Prairie Library participates in Media-On-Demand, a service which allows patrons to download electronic items (ebooks, audiobooks) to their own e-readers, computers, and other devices for a limited time, just as one would check out a physical book.

  • For general information on Media-On-Demand, including participating libraries and the ability to search and browse library holdings, visit Media-On-Demand.
  • For information about supported devices, such as e-readers and smartphones, visit Overdrive's Device Resource Center.
  • To obtain software complementary to Media-On-Demand, visit the following sites. For ebooks, download Adobe Digital Editions.  For audiobooks, download Overdrive Media Console.


Certain devices, such as iPhones, run applications to support Media-On-Demand.  For most other compatible devices, ebooks and audiobooks from Media-On-Demand must be downloaded to a computer first (using the software linked above) and then transferred to a device using a USB cable. 


Unfortunately, Amazon's Kindle is NOT compatible with Overdrive Media-On-Demand or other third-party lending services at this time, though patrons may obtain free, out-of-copyright Kindle books from Amazon or from sites such as Project Gutenberg.  Amazon has indicated that it will be working with Overdrive some time in 2011.


Here's a quick primer on adding library eBooks to an eReader.  These instructions were developed using a Barnes and Noble NOOK, but they should apply to a variety of other eReaders as well.

Adding an eBook to your Nook using Media-On-Demand

Note: You MUST have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer to use this service.

1.       Go to

2.       Next, you must sign in, so click on “Sign In.”  If you don’t do this right away, you will have to repeat steps later.  After clicking on “Sign In,” select your home library from Media-On-Demand.  If you don’t see your home library (i.e., the library that issued your library card), you cannot use Media-On-Demand for downloads.  In that case, contact your home library to inquire about a comparable eBook lending service, such as My Media Mall or NetLibrary.

3.       Once you’ve selected your library, sign in using your library card number (the number by the barcode) and your last name.

4.       When you have signed in, you are ready to browse.  Find the title you’d like to download, and click “Add to Cart.”  If you only see “Place a Hold,” you will be able to place a hold but not download the eBook until it becomes available.

5.       Once you click “Add to Cart,” your browser window will take you to your cart, and you should see the title listed.  Click “Proceed to Checkout.”

6.       In the Check Out screen, select your lending period of 7 or 14 days.  Then, click “Confirm Check Out.”

7.       On the next screen, click “Download.”  You should then be prompted to open the file with Adobe Digital Editions.  Click “OK.”

8.       Your computer should then automatically open Adobe Digital Editions, and after a few moments you will see the first page of your eBook.

9.       To then bring the book to your Nook, click on “Library View” in Adobe Digital Editions, where you should see listed the title you’ve selected. The “Library View” icon is in the upper left corner, and looks like book spines.

10.   Now, using the USB cable, attach the Nook to your computer.  The device should then be visible along the left-hand side of Adobe Digital Editions.  If you’re prompted by Windows to play or otherwise open the device, just click “Cancel” or select “Take No Action” and then click “OK.”

11.   Using the drag-and-drop method, click on the title in Adobe Digital Editions with the left mouse button, hold the button down, and then ‘drag’ the title onto your Nook and release the mouse button.  Adobe will then copy the title to your Nook, and when you disconnect your Nook from the computer, you will be able to access the title you’ve checked out for the lending period you’ve selected.

There are a lot of steps here, and it seems complicated, but once you get it, it’s a piece of cake! ALSO – This is just one way to do it – there’s probably other ways to make it happen.


Adding Items to a Nook from Project Gutenberg

1.        Connect the Nook to your computer using the USB cable.

2.       Open a Web Browser and Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer. The Nook should be viewable in ADE under “Bookshelves.”

3.       Using the Web Browser, go to

4.       Find the title you’d like to download and click on the link for it.

5.       You will be prompted to Open Item using ADE or Save item.  Click Save.  Item will save to your computer’s Download folder – make a note of the file name, which likely will NOT be the title of the ebook.

6.       Back in ADE, click on the dropdown menu where it says, “LIBRARY.”  The first option says, “Add Item to Library.” Click on that. 

7.       You will then be prompted to browse for the item you want.  You will want to locate your Downloads folder, and the ebook you’ve saved should be present, though it may not have the item by title.  Once you’ve located it, select that file and click “Open.”  The item should then appear on your “All Items” bookshelf in ADE, and this time you should see its title.

8.       Using the mouse, drag the book you want to add to your Nook from the All Items list to the Nook located in Bookshelves.

9.       Once those steps are completed, the ebook should be readable on your Nook.


Location & Hours

3479 W. 183rd St.
Hazel Crest, IL 60429
Illinois Relay TTY: 711
Map of Neighborhood

Mon-Thurs: 9am-9pm
Fri-Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: 1pm-5pm

Closed Sundays from Memorial Day through Labor Day


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